Friday, November 5, 2010

Blind Contributions

When I come into class, I bring with me my mind, full of trivia and quotes and geek culture references I can relate to the material we are studying. I feel I help contribute to the laid back atmosphere of a ten person class and help provide a balance to the group. Some of the students in our class are very prompt and get blogs done first the day our prompts are given to them. They help to preserve the necessary amount of structure to keep us on track, while I balance us out with my procrastinating forgetfulness strategic time management that tends to shake things up. My current plan is to study to teach English myself, so I do pay attention in class and try to analyze whenever I can. I enjoy the work we do, even if I do not get it done on time. I am not a total free spirit, nor am I a rigid person. I do not get things done on time, but I do not just leave an assignment incomplete forever or an outrageous amount of time. I'm a geek, but not a creepy recluse. I am a man of balance, and that is my contribution.

1 comment:

  1. Balance is good! Then again, I thought I brought balance to the group and was instead labeled as the model student. You and I may suffer from the same delusion. After all, you do take the class pretty seriously, considering you want to teach English (good for you!). I would like to hear you verbalize your geeky references more, because you obviously have a lot to contribute.