Thursday, April 28, 2011

Angry Blog

Please keep in mind that I wrote the following to vent.

From the day I walked into school as a wide-eyed freshmen to the day I entered as a proud senior, there has been a lot I've looked forward to. Some of those things I've looked forward to so much went better than I expected or could have imagined. The spring musical of my senior year was a blast, I had one of its cast parties at my house, I enjoyed the S.L.U.G. when I first read it, I was hoping to be well liked in the band and ended up as a drum major, and I've been to two proms (one senior, one junior) already with a ton of really great friends. Last year, I watched people get up on stage to do speeches for the coming senior elections and was filled with hope that my senior year would be awesome. We were promised the spirit stick, better themes for dances, and most importantly, cheaper organized school events. I don't place blame on any of the students in office in Student Council. I have no clue what they talk about at their meetings and just how much control they really have over events and their costs. I'm getting very angry at the way things changed this year.

I've always defended the school, talking about how its image is important and I've always tried seeing it from their viewpoint when people I know talk badly about the school and how things are run. Just a few months ago, though, I began to get angry with what I was seeing. First, though, this next part has nothing to do with the administration. It discusses how something else cheapened my experience at this school and angered me. This year, when the S.L.U.G. was released, I was expecting what I had read before, which was always really funny satire and ridiculous stories. Instead, what I got when I opened the pages were stories rumored to be written by juniors and not seniors who just went ahead and decided they were writing the S.L.U.G., which angered a lot of seniors hoping to be in on it. What's worse is that one of the longest articles was just filled with personal attacks on good friends of mine because of the quality of the school newspaper, Ultramark. The problem is that the editing and approval process takes a long time and there's only so much the higher-ups a school newspaper has to be approved by will let you talk about. The writer of the article put all of the blame on the students and acted as if the juniors who wrote it assumed they knew all about the spicy chicken issue and wrote without talking to teachers and students who did. This is wrong. They did their research.

The S.L.U.G. isn't there to take unfair cheap shots at students with very poor quality satire behind it.
That misses the entire point.

Now we have this prom problem. Dresses have been bought, promises made, plans planned, tuxes ordered, and now it's hard to back out of paying the $100 starting price for tickets. It's a ridiculous price. We were told the school is losing money on every ticket at $100 each, but I'd like to know where all the money's going if we aren't breaking even on it. There are around over 300 seniors, right? Let's say only two thirds of the senior class even goes to prom. That's still $20,000. And that's just if we all buy on the first few days when tickets are cheap. I don't know personally how much everything costs, but I'd like to know how renting a convention center for four hours, hiring a DJ, hiring a photographer, and getting a catering service to do a roast beef buffet or whatever it is this year costs more than that. Especially without an afterprom, which is what really burns me up.

Senior Prom Ticket (Starting) Prices:
(Information was gathered from students who were SMH seniors in the year listed)

2008: around $85

2009: $85

2010:  $75 to $85 they're telling me

2011: $100

Afterprom was the entire point for myself and a lot of my friends. Otherwise it's just paying for something formal to wear to a big room in order to take a picture, eat an alright dinner, watch/participate in a two hour grindfest, and then get told to go home. Isn't the afterprom an important part of keeping people out of trouble? Out of the streets? Away from alchohol or the beach? Where and when are we dropping off our tuxes now that we won't be going back to school after the prom? I know that last year's seniors didn't have one, either, but wasn't there at least a reason given? From what I remember hearing, most didn't go to their junior afterprom and didn't express interest in a senior afterprom, so their own was cut. A good number from our class went to our junior afterprom, though, from what I remember. So what was the reason? Rumor says they already had a theme picked out and everything before deciding we shouldn't have one.

I'm not saying there's no legitimate reason for the prices or the lack of an afterprom, but there were no solid reasons given to us, in my opinion. I'd just like some answers.

If you can provide me with any extra information or point out errors in my list of ticket prices, please comment. Please keep in mind that this blog for the next month is still connected to a class, and thus, my grade, so please keep comments appropriate. I want to keep this clean. Don't insult people, especially members of the student body or the faculty.


  1. And about how Ultramark was cancelled for the rest of the year... yeah. Slug killed Ultramark.

  2. If you want a real flashback on prom tickets, here's a good one that I'm sure I've told you about. 2001: $45 (this was the cost of prom AND an afterprom at Kahunaville) I think I spelled that wrong, but it goes to show you how times have changed in the past 10 years....

  3. I am in complete compliance with the utter words even written in the SLUG. I read it and i think there was an entire section dedicated to walking zombies in the cafeteria due to prayer? I get the satire, but that was just an awful 'issue'. I presonally like reading the ultramark and markings and didn't even know about a satire 'newspaper' until this year. Way to go juniors.. you really left your mark. Now to the prom issues, no offense I didn't want another afterprom and kind of would rather just hang out with my date and close friends and maybe talk about the future or whatever. But, I do not remember a vote being held nor anything of a fair nature taking place. And the student council kids literally have zero say over ticket prices and really the final say in anything except a theme. Its alo not the teachers fault because they can't control the pricing of the 'necessities' for a prom. Yeah the prices are ridiculous especially since we don't have an afterprom... but I'm guessing the losing money part was a front because they project a good amount of the senior class to not even attend prom.
    p.s. Kahunaville for an afterprom would've been awesome

  4. Slug not only ruined ultramark but possibly ruined the very tradition of slug when the juniors wrote it. and about prom, yes, the economy is bad but that shouldnt mean that the thought of afterprom shouldn't even be considered. i wish the entire class had more to do with planning prom instead of just student council.

    ps, your blogs make me happy :)

  5. As Alumni I am both saddened and angry to see things like this happening, I also apparently did not learn grammar, but a lot about Puritans. Back to the case at hand. Life costs money. Fun costs money. I am sure that the reason for the increased cost of tickets is not going into the school's coffers for new TV's to be put in the hallways. At the same time, my faith that the senior class moderator and Student Gov. has made made poor choices, and hired services which are much more expensive than they should be. Being cost effect is important, yet judging by the quality of the senior prom I attended, it was both too expensive and not very good. With saying that I do want to say it was a very memorable night, and I am glad I went. You graduate from high school once, you are in high school for only four years, and you can only have one senior prom, go to it!!!

    S.L.U.G. died as an entertaining enterprise years ago I am saddened to say.

  6. The most recent SLUG totally made up for that weird article, did you see it Johnny? They had an apologyXD

  7. An apology? No, I never saw it!