Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Desktop Doodle Doctor

This is the first of probably a couple of blogs about Doctor Who as I begin my journey as a new fan.

Kelsea's been getting me into Doctor Who recently, watching the episodes with the 11th Doctor in order. I've been as far as finishing "The Big Bang." I've also been keeping up with BBCA's schedule so I can catch repeats from the 10th Doctor. It's funny, clever, interesting, not too serious, and I'm loving it so far. I'm liking it for all the same reasons I like Stargate SG-1! I like shows that are based in our reality to some extent that throw in a Sci-Fi element (The Doctor, a Stargate, the abilities in Heroes,) and then take the viewer on self-contained little adventures, usually with an overarching plot or threat. It doesn't take itself too seriously, and I really like the whole concept.

One still shot from my new desktop theme

Today, a few days after having seen the 10th Doctor episode "Blink," also thanks to Kelsea and the magic of Netflix, I had the idea to find the complete clip of the "easter egg" from the DVDs in the episode and make a Window's 7 Theme out of them. I took 5 screenshots from the video and strung them all together into a desktop slideshow, shuffling through every 10 seconds. When I was done, I took the idea to its logical end: a Weeping Angel prank.

1. Take 5 screenshots from this video
2. Save them to your friend's computer
3. Go to your Windows 7 Start Menu, then Control Panel
4. Change Desktop Background
5. Select the screens, set to "Change every 1 day"
6. Wait for your friend to either freak out over time or get a kick out of it.


  1. I had nightmares about this episode for a week afterward. THANKS a lot.

  2. can this be on windows xp

    1. Unfortunately, I don't think it can unless you manually change it in the middle of the night each night. Windows 7 allows for slide-show style desktop backgrounds, which is why this works.

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