Friday, September 16, 2011

Now On Tumblr

Young Melon World is now on tumblr! I never really saw much point in it before, but now I see it as a good source of inspiration for things to write about, pictures or GIFs for blogs, and as a good place to promote the blog. I've had a complaint or two about how long my blog posts have been, and while I kind of agree, I feel like the length keeps a certain quality to it. I'll try to shorten up the posts a bit in the future, but for really short posts, you can now go to!

It'll also carry some content or maybe drawings that I've done that I'd like to post but don't really fit with any of my blog posts. Or maybe there's some content that didn't make it into a post, like my drawing of the 10th Doctor, which I did the day after my most recent post. So go check it out if you'd like!

Remember, knowing that people are viewing keeps me motivated. So if you care to, please follow me on one or both of the sites and spread it around a little. Thank you! Much appreciated.

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