Saturday, November 5, 2011

Partners in Science

Version Oicani Gonzales from Facepunch made in Illustrator.

I came home late tonight to find a message from a friend of mine saying that my math poster made the front page of, and my first reaction was a dumbfounded "Really?" It took me 5 seconds to find it, listed as one of the "Best Pictures on the Internet" according to the image hosting site. I'm astounded to find that it has 190,000 views. This is insane. Basically, I was assigned to "make a poster about math and unicorns" in my senior year precalc class, and this was the result. I posted a picture of my poster to Facepunch in the LMAO pics thread asking if I should sell copies. Oicani Gonzales, a Facepunch member, got bored one day and posted the version you see above. Wow. Now it's exploded overnight in popularity.


Original Poster


  1. I am a math teacher in China and would like to use your image as a poster in my class, as well as perhaps post it on my website. Do you consider this image part of the public domain?

  2. It would be an honor. I would consider it free for you to use.

  3. The truth is that it is truly beatiful, ¡congrats!

    Juan Carlos---

  4. Well deserved for that clever and funny idea of yours...
    My hat's off to you sir... :D

  5. Hi, I've been trying to find who created this picture and I can't believe I found it. I'm a math teacher in California and I was wondering if I could use it on my class website?

  6. Sure thing! All I ask is that credit is given to Oicani Gonzales and I or a link back to here.