Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekly Response: Great Expectations

One huge theme that just runs throughout this entire Diversity in Secondary Education class, my classes as a major in a field relating to education, and my entire career as a student, is great expectations. My teachers have always expected a lot from me, my professors have expected more, and in my future, I may be expecting a lot from other people for a living. It's a huge responsibility. Mr. Esquith, our speakers, all the people we're reading about and watching videos about all achieve success at least partially because they expect so much from their students.

We should always expect more from each other. When we expect more from ourselves and each other, we meet those expectations, we make the world better. In a marching band, for example, if the band director expects nothing from the students, the students will expect nothing of themselves or each other, and all of them will get nothing in return. That also leads to ripple effects. The audience at a football game, the school's administration, the football teams themselves, other bands in the area... All of them will come to expect nothing out of this band. It is the same for students. If we do not expect a lot of students, they will not expect much of themselves, and the nation will expect nothing of Delaware. It's an important lesson, and I am so glad that this theme is so prominent in my studies. I have my own strengths and shortcomings, but they are getting better and better because my parents, girlfriend, friends, and professors expect so much.

Expect more of yourself, help others, and I'll see you next week.

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