Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekly Response: Educacion

In class this week we learned about "Educacion," and our next intervention is going to focus on it. In simple terms, it is teaching students how to be people, not just teaching them facts and skills. It is the incorporation of values and a sense of what it means to communicate and cooperate effectively and craft oneself into a better person. It means that a teacher needs to recognize that he or she is a creator of relationships. This doesn't just mean relationships between texts and their contexts, but the students and each other as well as other people they know or will meet in the future. There should be a sense of culture in the school experience  and a sense of how the students will fit into the community. One suggestion we had in class would be to host a Career Day, the way St. Mark's does for their juniors or every single school does in all those old cartoons. A teacher should create a good relationship with the students in order to foster better relationships between the student and the school, their classmates, and fellow teachers.

It's definitely an interesting and important new dimension to teaching to think about, and that's one of the reason I decided to write these responses on my personal blog instead of creating a class one. I want to keep these somewhere that I know I can revisit them at, somewhere that maybe current and future colleagues could read them and remember the importance of these bits of their jobs. I certainly hope to incorporate the idea of Educacion into my classroom in the future.


  1. mass every month? activity showcase? we started friday afternoon prayer at 3 minutes before the final bell this year. These are mostly religious, but how about this: lots of schools do a one book, one school kind of thing--we are in the process of planning one. teachers, staff and students all read it--maybe even parents. then we will sponsor a group activity that mixes all the groups, instead of separating adults and students, or freshmen and seniors. does UD still do that with freshmen?

  2. All those things (besides afternoon prayer, didn't know about that) were definitely in mind when I wrote this. I'm really proud to have come from St. Mark's. and I'm not sure if UD does anything like that. I know my activity showcase was cancelled freshman year due to hurricane, and all events I can think of off the top of my head led by the university as a whole were for freshmen or seniors.

  3. The other organizations that students run do plenty of great events though. And just to be clear, I was definitely not saying that SMH doesn't follow "Educacion," just that it was interesting to have this under a term, and I'm glad that I can refer back to it.