Monday, July 7, 2014

So Much Life Happening At Once

That was some semester, let me tell you. It was the most stressful and most rewarding few months of my life. It was packed with activity and a new adventure every day! I turned twenty-one, joined Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia (a men's music fraternity), starred in two fantastic plays (Bob: A Life in Five Acts and The Importance of Being Earnest) with amazing people, made a husky sum of new friends, learned to teach writing, became a staff member for the 2014 UDMB (University of Delaware [Fightin' Blue Hen] Marching Band), and coordinated the proposal for the upcoming Short Attention Span Theatre XI (SAST XI), for which I have written a one act play, as well as learned what it means to party responsibly with friends (and party often) while living a full and rewarding personal, social, and academic life.

Holy crap.

So here's what's coming up! I mentioned SAST XI and the play I've written for it. It'll be performed the weekend of October 18th on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I will not be in my play, but I am directing it. It's titled "Extra Pulp" and it was written after my brother and I marathoned a bunch of Quentin Tarantino movies in February.

I also managed to take on the role of Production Manager for the whole shebang, and I'm proud to say our organization has a lot of talent. We have six one act plays lined up for the festival so far, and if you are interested in writing/directing/proposing a play, you have until the first day of classes to submit!

Get excited, because the plays so far are:

"Nobody Famous" (written by D.M. Larson, directed by Zach Rogers)
"Extra Pulp" (written and directed by John Young)
"Hills Like White Elephants" (written by Ernest Hemingway, adapted by Catherine Hallman)
"The Great American Family Camping Trip" (written by Kirsten Haden, directed by Catherine Marchbank)
"Moments" (written by Bruce Kane, directed by Melissa Volpone)
"You Forgot, Remember?" (written and directed by Blair Schuman)

Out of the six plays we have lined up, three are written by E-52 members, UD undergrads!