Monday, October 6, 2014


E-52 Student Theatre Proudly Presents:

Written by Diana Son


Thurs, October 9 - 7:30pm
Fri, October 10 - 7:30pm
Sat, October 11 - 7:30pm


Bacchus Theater in Perkins
$3 for Students | $5 for Public 
Tickets sold at the door.
FLEX accepted!

About The Show:

Callie, a twenty-something New York traffic reporter, promises to take on a cat owned by Sara, “some friend of an old friend of someone.” Callie is an expert at avoiding conflict, which serves her well in the city. Sara, on the other hand, has willingly left her job at a Quaker school in St. Louis to teach third-graders in the Bronx. Both women are dealing with past and current heart-breaks. Callie is sleeping with her good friend while Sara is trying to becomes friends with her ex-boyfriend Peter. Although both Sara and Callie are “straight” women, they discover an unspoken attraction to each other. The play shuttles back and forth in time, between the early days of Callie and Sara’s friendship and the hospital room and police station they are in after they are brutally attacked after their first kiss. Premiered Off-Broadway in 1998.

STOP KISS is directed by my very good friend Madeleine Hamingson and is co-sponsored by Haven (University of Delaware's LGBTQ and Ally organization), SAGE (Students Acting for Gender Equality), and V-Day (our chapter of V-Day International, an organization against sexual violence). Maddie has been very passionate throughout the process of proposing, organizing, and directing this production. She has gone above and beyond, aiming to open a dialogue at UD about harassment and get the word out about the show. E-52 and the organizations listed above recently hosted Stop Harassment Against Everyone, a panel about how a person's gender influences the way they are treated in public and how objectification hurts everyone. It was a very special night, and I strongly encourage anyone and everyone to come out and see this show that the production staff, the cast, and Maddie have worked so hard to put on in only a few short weeks.